Paper & Kindling

3-4-1 Volume 2

Pub Date: Dec. 2016

Our second collection of stories featuring returning authors Christine Ricketts and Nicole DeGennaro and newcomers Kaitlyn Sudol and Laura Eckener.

Check out new art from Katie Grosskopf, Alex Griggs and Cleo Patterson as well!

Excerpts from:

3-4-1: Three Stories Told Nine Ways

Scythe's Fate

Statistician, I need you.

Lorna sat up in her chair, where she had dozed off. Being a constantly on-call telepath meant she had to sneak in catnaps when she could, so her chair often served as her bed, and she often suffered from a stiff neck.

I’m here, she replied after taking a sip from her cup of cold coffee. Patching in.

For Lorna, it was that easy to cross thousands of miles, multiple continents and oceans, or, on rare occasions, light-years to connect with a fellow superhero and offer assistance. They didn’t need her telepathy, though; they needed her other ability.

It never gets any less weird having you in my head, Rubber Band Man said to her as she peered out through his eyes at the situation.