How to Submit

It's pretty simple! So simple, we probably didn't need to build a separate page for it but oh well, that's the internet for you.

If you're interested in being part of our next collection of stories, tentatively scheduled for next year, then submit a short writing sample (1-3 pages should do it) to It doesn't need to be a complete story or anything. We just want to get a taste of your style.

If you're an artist, feel free to send a link to some of your work to that same address! 

So things to note before you submit:

  1. We work within 1-2 month deadlines, depending on how many authors will be in a collection. If you have trouble working with a deadline, then this collection might not be for you.
  2. In order to be part of the collection, you'll need to sign a simple contract. (Basically it just says you'll submit a certain amount of stories by a certain date and we'll pay you for those stories.)
  3. Payment comes at the end of the project, after all the stories or artwork has been submitted.
  4. We'll publish your story in our collection. You'll keep all the other rights to your story. 
  5. We'll probably make suggestions for edits to your story. You don't have to make them but we'll still suggest them.
  6. I just wanted this list to be even numbered.