Christine Ricketts has been writing for as long as she can remember and boy, are her hands tired. She also enjoys reading, playing video games and theoretical attempts at organization. On rare occasions she will do something involving that so-called “reality” people are always talking about. She doesn’t really see the appeal.

Nicole DeGennaro is a human being who exists. Sometimes. When she isn’t toiling over the written word, she is often wasting time on the Internet or annoying her cats. She also takes on way too many projects for her own good, but she enjoys all of them. You can learn more about all that at her virtual Batcave:

With his mediums spanning written word, photography, and voice acting, Christopher Rogers is a storyteller above all. A lifetime explorer, his playgrounds have only evolved from his forested backyards in the Hudson Valley to now eleven years in Brooklyn, New York. His preoccupations have been dominated by wanderlust, forging deeper connections, and things ineffable.

Kaitlyn Sudol is an aspiring children’s author with a boring day job. She lives in the Boston area where she spends a lot of time having brunch and talking about horror movies, comic books, musical theatre, and kidlit. When she’s not reading, writing, or brunching, she's probably recording an episode of The Worst Bestsellers or mindlessly refreshing the internet. You can hear her complain about the MBTA at @fourteenacross on Twitter or hear her talk about literature of questionable quality at

Lara Eckener loves poetry, comics, and poetry about comics. You can find her work in Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books and Strange Romance Volume 2. She talks about all manner of media and feelings on twitter as @LaraEckener.