Katie Grosskopf is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and blogger whose interests include petting every dog in sight, figuring out public transportation in foreign places, learning about dinosaurs, strategically packing suitcases, and eating pizza. Her work and latest adventures can be found at www.seekatiedraw.com.

Lauren Feliciano provided the art for “Scythe’s Fate,” “Theory of Just Deserts” and “Lighting Options.”

Constantly creating works inspired by New York City, the city he was raised in, Justin Carty's paintings use bold brushstrokes and colors to create a sense of motion. This motion he finds inherent within the choreography of the people and architectural forms of the city. He then strives to combine this sense of movement with an emotional realism found within his subjects.

Alex Griggs is a print and pattern designer from Indiana, who now works and lives in New York City. When she isn't playing soccer or trying to keep up with her marathon-running mother, she is happiest at home playing video games alongside her cats.

Cleopatria Peterson is an illustrator and comic artist based in Toronto, Canada. She graduated Ryerson University with a bachelor’s of design and has been published in the Toronto Comic Anthology.  She loves lending her art to all forms of storytelling.  www.cleopatria.ca